At i-Cube, we love to recreate the wheels, ginger brands to push communication above competition.

Moreso, we love creating fresh ideas that raises feelings. This is our Creative strategy.

With good enough expertise in the media industry, we cut through all tiers of advertising; both Above and Below-the-Line. However, we have done more for Brands in Below-the-Line, Digital-Marketing & Public Relations.



Cway Prime Water desired to unveil the advantages inherent in the brand. We were asked to produce creative to unveil this. The copy was designed and informed the direction of the creative - Living healthy.


CWAY Table Water wants to ginger her brand in the minds of brand loyals and to attract new brand trials. We were briefed to create appeals for the brand. We leveraged on the brand position in the market as a trusted name. And we built family connection to strengthen the trust appeal that we created.


CWAY Retail Outlets Header

i-Cube Reptogel Creative Development

We were called upon to develop marketing tools for Reptogel Mosquito Repelant Gel. We came up with posters designs, standees, Retail Displays, and promotional items.


i-Cube Reptogel Creative Development

The Bazaar Rebranding

We were invited to rebrand the Bazaar Supermarket logo. We re-created The Bazaar Supermarket identity along its mission and objective in the market place and coined a slogan to drive the brand. Also, we implemented the changes across all related assets.

The Bazaar Signs

Executing the Bazaar Brand included the look and feel of the Brand when the sun light is switched off.

The Bazaar Retail mgt

The Bazaar Supermarket

The Bazaar Supermarket desired to communicate her special advantages above competition. i-Cube organised a photography session and created the copy and the artwork. We also implemented the artwork in several locations, Lagos & Ibadan

The Bazaar Supermarket

To gain the sales traction, we launched out at some stores in Lagos an idea; - Ladies dressed in dress sense called Oleku (found among the Yorubas - A tribe in the South West of Nigeria). - Branded with the Bazaar marketing neck hangs revealing the Bazaar essence. Goes out to advertise the brand in the neighbourhood with promotional ideas on purchases.

The Bazaar Island outlets launch

The Bazaar Brand - adding some fun

keeping the brand fun

Butterfield Cafe

Butterfield kiosks

Minta Kreamy Wafers

We were called upon to take up a design for Minta. Minta is a brand name that sells sweets, wafers. We came up with the creative direction, organised a photography session and designed creative. We also implemented the creative.

RB Fillers Nigeria Lts

Logo development for RB Fillers. A Fast moving consumer group company starting up in Nigeria.

RB Fillers Nigeria Lts

Brand Development for Gain Laundry Detergent

(NAMB) National Association of Microfinance Bank of Nigeria

We created the NAMB Conference Brand. A yearly event that brings together all players in the microfinance sector pan Nigeria.

True Vine Prep School Brand Development

We developed the brand identity of the True Vine Prep School and also built the brand site.

Tecsurt Brand Development

Tecsurt was coming into IT related marketing and sale business. We were called to develop the brand.

Tecsurt Brand Development

Tecsurt was coming into IT related marketing and sale business. We were called to develop the brand.


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