Bazaar ShopFittings & branding When you see The Bazaar Supermarket,
both the physical store & the online presence,
you are seeing our services.
Branding & Communications Bazaar Supermarket
Some times, what is called old is untrue.
We turned these "old" furniture into display
stand that exudes the brilliance of a renown Brand.
Ikeja ICM - Intel Shop Facelift Office Everything
Westgate Owerri- before Before ShopFitting WestGate, Owerri
Owerri HP WestGate, Owerri - HP Shop
An amazingly good job, we executed for HP & Westgate.
Owerri Final View WestGate/ HP, Owerri
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Westgate Intel/MTN Xp Corner Intel/MTN
Experience Corner
Amazing things happen when you are inspired rightly.
We told ourselves, whatever can be produced
anywhere in the world, can be designed and produced here in Nigeria too.
And loo... we made this detachable, exotic stands.
Premium Stands & Facelift Spar- Acer Shop
"A mobile kitchen that looks like the one used by the Asians."
That was all the client said to us during briefing.
Ours was to thinks. Design and produce. And Hurray!
We brought it to life.
Premium Mobile Kitchen Supreme Noodles
From 3D design to final delivery,
we transform an open space
into a customer haven.
TecSurt ShopFittings
Furniture Fabrication the fabrication of Omen HP Premium Table

We believe that any investment in retail business should be worth its while, whereas, it should not be spent.

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We have built the trust of both local and international brands in retail shop (setup) consultancy, fittings and brand visibility.

Since 2009, we have built a reputation in the retail industry as a reliable, ingenious and innovative firm.

We believe that any investment in retail business should be worth its while, whereas, it should not be spent.

Our services to our client goes beyond just giving them what they want, rather we collaborate to help accomplish the desired end.

Thinking of setting up a Supermarket or a Retail store?

  • Retail SetUp & Consultancy

    Let's get you started with your retail startup idea; Supermarket or Retail outlet.

  • Systems & Structures

    Create effective system for your operations and build a right structure to sustain it; from your supplier system, staff to customer engagment.

  • Create a visible & an attractive brand

    From the development of value statement to the conceptualisation and communication of the brand, we will take you through a cost effective manner of building a renown brand.

  • Start Your Online Outlets too!!!

    We won't stop at brick and mortar shop setup for you, we will take your business online too! Probably, you are also thinking of how to handle the logistic, we have ready solutions.

We have been working with international Brands for more than a decade.

Our watchwords are Reliability, Innovation & Price competitiveness.


We were commissioned to create a gaming experience point for World renown HP Omen- Powered by Intel. This is the experience we created and produced & fabricated

Designing & Fabrication of Omen Gaming Station & premium tables

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