Our journey as the mind behind the scenes, for great works done on the HP brand,  ages back half a decade.

Known for excellence delivery, we consistently ensure HP lives up to its promise in the computer & printer market.
Hp is the current laptop market leader in Nigeria, enjoying about 75% of the market share.

HP resilience while many brands left the shores of the nation, gave the brand total dominance of the laptop market in Africa’s largest market.

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Owerri WestGate Shop Fitting

We designed & fabricated the Gaming Table for HP Omen and the pillars.

Omen Gaming Table

Wood carvings, embossing and lights with excellence expertise, we constructed the Omen premium table to be the cynosure of every outlet HP stands.

Robotic St

Lighted 3mm Acrylic with Vinyl. Wood

HP Corner

HP Premium Mini Table. Hp Printer Table at the back and a smaller HpP Table by the right - Enugu

HP Ink Display Stand

Illuminated 4mm Acrylic with 3mm Opal

Wall Bracket Display

Matt Branding

Brand Revamp

Renovation and revamping of the HP Omen Brand

HP Premium Revamp

Device Stores

From design, we fitted the new outlet all the way in Owerri Imo state for HP.

Shop Fitting

HP Printer Stand

HP Printer Stand

HP Printer Table

HP Mini Printer Stand and Display

HP Printer Stand

HP/Intel Pillar Branding

HP/Intel Premiun table

We built the table and fitted it with the taste HP deserves.

Wall Bracket

Built to display several desktops and other devices. It spans about 16feet long

A cross section of the laptop, All-in-one and printer area of fitted outlet

HP Printer and Ink stand

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