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At i-Cube Worldwide, our mission is to develop & connect brands with the target audience.

We believe that work gives us opportunities to discover who we are; to accept & enjoy our strengths & people around us, and grow businesses and consequently, our weaknesses. Explore the world of unlimited opportunities as we work for you and with you.


Designing is good, however preserving the intents and purposes of the designs are different issues entirely

...We meet challenges and limitations with a mind to bring non-existent things into existence; we see possibilites in the midst of apparent impossibilities; we walk within limited resources to achieve set goals.

We conceptualize in 2D and 3D to add aesthetics to jobs.
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A bespoke design by our Team in i-Cube Worldwide for Intel retail merchandising.

InRetail this quarter is our Latest 2-in-1 Display Stand innovation for the tech world. Also, we are featuring Brand Identity Solutions from us for few of our customers.

For us Branding is not just an identity (a logo), rather it is the total representation of the intent, value and culture of the person(s) behind the idea. No brand promise can be sustained without understanding and sustaining those three elements.
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Innovate is our way of seeing our world and our responses to it;

This is where i-Cube comes in; to ensure the preservation of the clients' investment; the intent and purposes of designs during any production and installation processes.

In a society like ours where engineering production for retail marketing is very challenged by lack of innovation and quality assurance, The operations team ensures we preserve what is valuable.
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The Microfinance 2016 Conference

Also, our Public relations team successful executed the Microfinance 2016 Conference in Abuja, Nigeria.

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